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Crobe +9 1000mm

60  007  607

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Dimensions: 80*60*20 (cm)

The Crobes continue to mutate, these have developed an immunity to being stood on and they avoid the use by humans as anything useful whenever they can. The DT (dual texture) variants have change colour, as the gloss part remains black. At least you can see what you are up against.

Designed specifically for the highest level of competition climbing, the IFSC World Cup and Championships and the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo.

The black part of each Macro is completely gloss smooth and is virtually impossible to use as a hand or foothold. The coloured part has a texture so the route setter can dictate exactly how this shape will be used in the competition, no matter how hard the competitor tries to fight it. If you want a gold medal, you are going to have to earn it!

Made in the EU from fibreglass construction with metal inserts to reinforce the screw holes. Then they treated to a black gloss and coloured textured part to make alternative uses of the shapes impossible.