Original School Holds

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As the name suggests, the Original School Holds were the first hold set created for the MoonBoard. Comprising of 40 hand holds and the required 10 standard MoonBoard Footholds, these unforgiving crimps and pinches will make your MoonBoard a lean, mean training machine.

  • 40 bolt-on hand holds
  • 10 bolt-on foot holds
  • Each hold includes a built-in washer (for strength), Moon Climbing logo, number and orientation marks to enable replication of our problems on any MoonBoard, anywhere in the world
  • Designed to compliment the 40-degree and 25-degree MoonBoard.
  • Level: Advanced climbing
  • Approx box weight: 3.2kg
  • Box size: 19 x 24 x 19 cm


Bolts and t-nuts are not included with your hold set. Bolts can be purchased separately here.

Original School Holds: 50 pcs M10 x 60mm

*Original School Holds purchased before or in 2015 do not incorporate the dual washer feature. This means that they can only be installed with cap head bolts, not countersunk bolts.

Installation Advice

  • Do not use an impact driver to install your holds
  • Original School Holds* can be fixed with countersunk bolts and cap head bolts
  • If a bolt-on hold has a screw hole on it we recommending pinning the hold with a small screw (approximate diameter size 4mm or 5mm). The screw should be long enough to pass through the bolt-on hold and into the wood panels that the hold is mounted on.

View current MoonBoard hold setups using the free MoonBoard App or by visiting the MoonBoard website.